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"Mom & Me" Mini-Sessions

It seems as though we waited forever here in Georgia for the beautiful spring weather to make its debut this year. The sun's been gorgeous, but GAH, the pollen and the cold spells!

This mama-to-be and her daughter made my job so easy. The hair, the coordinating outfits, the adorable baby bump. Perfection :)

A woman truly is radiant during pregnancy, whether or not she always feels radiant. I used to preach it during my pregnancies that my hair was thicker, my skin was healthy, and - despite the nausea and other issues - I smiled A LOT when I was pregnant. It's hard to describe. It's a complicated and delicate but cherished time. I only wish I had more photographs like this during my own pregnancies :)

And I learned during our session that it's a boy! You can tell that this sweet little girl is excited about becoming a big sister. So much sweetness!

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