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A Morning at the Farm

My brother and his wife own two beautiful horses, Raven and Remington, and we've tried to get the family together for over a year to meet out where the horses are boarded and enjoy some time with them. Why we sometimes let life interfere with outings like this are beyond me, but it does happen.

We couldn't have asked for a better day, a more beautiful sky. My daughter has admired horses since she was a toddler, yet had never met or ridden a horse. Until this day.

I admired her hesitant but confident approach when she first encountered the horses. My brother and sister-in-law taught her how to brush their coats, a much-needed task after days of dust and hay had accumulated in their manes and tails. But ah, how lovely they looked afterward! My daughter took pride in her grooming skills :)

Next came the riding lesson. Her hesitation seemed to disappear almost immediately, and she sat confidently in the saddle the whole time. She has a very gentle demeanor with all animals, always has. I think Remington liked her as much as she liked him.

What the horses don't realize is that they brought together a brother and sister - and their families - who haven't seen each other in too long. Perhaps we make these visits more frequent? I hope so.

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